Elena Gramatikovska

At the age of five, Elena Gramatikovska started down what would become her professional path as a concert pianist. For more than twenty years the piano was, the largest outlet of her creativity.

The dichotomy of praise and chastisement that some would call inherent in the world of competitive concert piano never sat right with Elena, and helped inform her passion for community involvement and desire to re-educate the education system. This drive led Elena to participate in a transformational leadership course that completely redirected her further development. During this course, Elena realized the burning need for such training programs in her home country of Macedonia. While she continued her own development as a coach and facilitator, she was also busy working on assembling the founding team of Lucca Leadership Macedonia, which was established in 2009 with Elena as the Founder and Director in the next four years.

In 2012 she was introduced to what would become her most incredible toolbox for personal, professional and creative development: her dream MA program at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London entitled, Artist Program in Leadership. This intensive two years experiential learning program not only honed Elena's skills as a musician, facilitator, workshop leader and coach in various settings and with diverse groups of people, but also showed her that a holistic approach to education is not only possible but undeniably beneficial. In that time, the course put her to work in orphanage centers in Argentina, hospitals and deprived schools in London and Palestine, as well as in the corporate and entrepreneurial sector.

With the completion of her MA in 2014, she moved to Amsterdam to pursue her career in creative leadership. Not wanting to get out of the habit of bettering herself and feeling the need to continue her education and training, she enrolled in the online course U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self facilitated by Otto Scharmer and his team from the Presencing Institute. This first encounter with the Theory U felt like a deeper dive in the leadership and innovation realm. In June 2015 Elena's U journey continued as she completed the Presencing Foundation Program in Berlin.

The beneficial result of Elena's rigorous development as a musician is that she maintains a sharp sense of discipline, routine and commitment. The same training also left her with an acute understanding that creativity thrives best in an environment where mistakes are welcome, where strict norms are softened to best respond to the unique needs of the individual. Elena believes that education is not something that happens exclusively between four walls in education institutions, it is a hands-on, life-long experience with no set curriculum. She is passionate about creating opportunities for cross sector innovation as she strongly believes it is the only way to respond to the ever changing, emerging future with fresh insight.

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Elena Gramatikovska