Masterclass Mindful Leadership Airbus - Outline

Over the last few years Mindful Leadership has become a focus point in corporate leadership programs. The science behind it is strong enough to consider it valuable for leaders to develop this quality. In my view the core practice of leadership in today’s constantly shifting environment is about directing and managing attention. That holds both for one’s own attention and for that of the team or organization one is leading.

In this masterclass we started with the science behind mindfulness and its applications in a business leadership context and presented a short overview of mindfulness and its relation to aspects like health and well-being, stress and resilience, focus and mindset. Including recent research at the Centrum voor Mindfulness in Amsterdam into mindfulness programs at work, which shows significant positive outcomes on attention, stress, motivation and effectiveness.


The Airbus Mindful Leadership Masterclass was experiential and highly interactive. Participants were guided through several mindfulness exercises, in order to understand the practice of mindfulness from direct experience. Although mindfulness needs a few weeks of practice to be fully effective, this experience gives the opportunity to test the possible effect first hand. Interactivity was invited through both openness for questions and the execution of short assignments (in duo’s or per table).  

Mindfulness was linked to the daily practice of high level leaders building on the Mindful Leadership-model from Wibo Koole’s book. Important elements here were be the function of mindfulness practices to create a higher level of personal resilience and an open mind. These are two crucial capabilities that help to steer attention (both personal and organizational) in a continuously shifting and very demanding corporate environment. Participants in the masterclass were asked to formulate how they can apply the learnings in their own daily work and lives. Tools and tips on how to do this were added.

Mindful leadership has applications on both personal, team and strategic level, but we focused on the personal level as this also creates the foundation for acting as role models in the organization. Application on team and strategy level will be mentioned and shown and were in Q&A-sessions framed and accentuated in relation to business issues and priorities if needed.

For more information: Wibo Koole