Strategy Development at AfricInvest

Create2connect was approached by AfricInvest to facilitate moderate a teambuilding and strategy development off-site in Istanbul in the weekend of 11-14 September 2014. The whole team of the company’s various offices will be present (55-60 people). AfricInvest-TunInvest Group is today one of the leading private equity firms in North and sub-Saharan Africa with over $700 million of funds under management across 11 PE funds and sponsored by prestigious DFIs, private and institutional investors. AfricInvest-TunInvest Group relies on a team of 40 highly skilled investment professionals with over 120 years of cumulative PE experience, operating out of 6 offices (Algiers, Abidjan, Casablanca, Lagos, Nairobi and Tunis).

Key issues: the organization has grown quite a bit over the last ten years, almost doubling in number of staff. The world is in turmoil and changing very fast and what does that entail for AfricInvest?

The perception of issues differs within the organization and the various offices. There is a general attitude of openness, also to sensitive issues in organizational development.

AfricInvest‘s intention is to work a day on these issues and create a greater shared awareness and possible action steps on both the strategic situation as well as the organizational development. The team day will be the first step into a longer process of organizational development. As a preparation a SWOT-analysis is in the making and will be ready to use for the team day.

Based on the social technology of Theory U we facilitated a deep dialogue between all members of the teams across the whole organization. It led to:

  • Shared awareness of global developments that influence AfricInvest’s strategy and organization.
  • A common picture of organizational development needs and possible ways of acting on this.
  • An first understanding in the team of social process technologies like Theory U, that can be helpful in organizational change and development in a fast changing world.

For more information: Wibo Koole