What we do

All our work starts with your themes, issues and questions as an organization or as group of stakeholders. Create2connect is often are asked to facilitate finding new strategies, lead or direct organizational change, develop leadership and speed up innovation that can have a lasting change and achieves unprecedented impact.

Our approach

Our starting point is always a careful joint analysis of the issues and the context at hand in your organization and creating an engaged and effective transformation process. We ground our work in the best available knowledge and practices of change management, complemented by our long experience in leading and facilitating transformation.

We are experts in designing change and transformation, because we know process is crucial in reaching for lasting results. But we always ensure that the ownership of change stays with your organization or multistakeholder group. So you learn and become more capable in dealing with change in the future.

For that to happen indispensable elements in our approach are building collective awareness, engagement and organizational learning. Building collective awareness of the current situation and the future possibilities that are emerging within and outside the system. To understand what current reality is, what needs to change and why. Awareness that leads to opening up to a creative mindset that continuously searches for possibilities and innovation unthought-of. Engaging the whole organization and stakeholder community to build prototypes of the new. And organizational learning that build innovative capabilities for the future.

And finally, we stimulate social entrepreneurship to reach for real impact and results. Successful change and transformation and realizing impact are supported by a ‘fail often to succeed sooner’ attitude and the practice of scaling up excellent.

Themes we have worked on

Most of our work focusses on the following four themes:
  • Design and lead organizational change and innovation
  • Design and host multi-stakeholder dialogues and innovation conferences
  • Develop strategies focusing on discovering possible futures by engaging employees, communities and stakeholders
  • Design and execution of leadership development programs.